When I furnished my new apartment, I knew I wanted to redecorate my living room first. In classic San Francisco style, I have big, beautiful bay windows, and I was dreaming about stylish pieces I could surround them with. As I searched high and low across the internet, I found myself shopping at Wayfair. The online retailer carries an abundance of stylish and budget-friendly finds that will upgrade your space. If you're also feeling like the more time you spend at home, the more your living room could use a makeover, then I'm here to help.

What colors are attractive to you?

Colors do not only make a space look bigger or smaller. It also sets the mood in the room. Color affects our disposition, so ensure to choose colors that are to your liking and those that encourage a good mood to set the atmosphere in the room adequately.


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Guide to Buy August Grove Sandro 2-Step Manufactured Wood Storage Step Stool with 250 Ib. Load Capacity

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Even if you're all done growing, you can give yourself an extra few inches with this 15.6" high step stool. Crafted from manufactured wood, this piece features two steps to help you hop onto a high bed or reach upper corners of a kitchen cabinet. A convenient storage compartment beneath the top step provides a place to stash smaller items, while its understated design and neutral finish allow it to blend in with an existing arrangement. After assembly, it can support up to 250 lbs. Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Wood Overall Height: 15.6' H x 13' H Overall Width x Depth: 18'' W x 16'' W x 18'' W x 18'' D x 9.25'' D x 7'' D Overall Product Weight: 16.9lb.

Guide to Buy August Grove Sandro 2-Step Manufactured Wood Storage Step Stool with 250 Ib. Load Capacity

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